Lotus Dev 2


Lotus Dev 2 (LD-2) is the latest engine to the Lotus series. LD-2 is a pressure fed engine with 233s Isp and produces 2,800 lbf at sea-level thrust. The regeneratively cooled chamber chamber allows for long duration burns and easy re-use. A single LD-2 will fly on the Starscraper sub-orbital launch vehicle during the summer of 2017. A minimum thrust of 2,500 lbf is required for a Starscraper suborbital space flight.



LD-2 utilizes liquid nitrous oxide and liquid isopropyl alcohol at and O/F ratio of 4/1. The chamber is designed to operate at 500 psi chamber pressure and can be throttled down to 300 psi chamber pressure. 


LD-2 features an impinging triplet injector (Fuel-Ox-Fuel) to supply over 12 lbs/s to the engine. The 168 orifices are designed to operate at an average stiffness of 20% through engine transient to steady main stage operation. Smaller orifices along the radial edge of the injector face film cool the head end of the chamber.

Technical Overview

Fuel: Liquid Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H8O)
Oxidizer: Liquid Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
Isp Sea-Level: 233 s
Thrust Sea-Level: 2,800 lbf
Throttle Type: Blowdown
Burn Time: >60 s
Thrust Vector Control: Gimbal
Total Hot Fires: 2
Total Run Time: 4 s