Guiding the beam as it lifts Starscraper into position.

ATLAS (Advanced Trailer Launch And Support) serves as an integrated transportation, test, launch, and ground support system for the Starscraper launch vehicle. Originally a car trailer,  ATLAS has since been outfitted with entirely new tires, axles, brakes, as well as all the structural elements necessary for rocket operations.

The main feature of the trailer is the 7.32m (24 ft) long carbon steel I-beam onto which Starscraper is loaded. Using a 8.89cm (3.5in) diameter hydraulic piston, the beam can be raised from the stowed traveling position to an upright, 90 degree launch/test position.

Additional features include:

  1. 4 tank stands capable of holding up to 10 tanks of nitrous and 12 tanks of nitrogen.
  2. 3 pneumatic pistons that pull the nitrous and nitrogen quick disconnects before launch.
  3. 4 aluminum braces mounted along the length of the I-beam that provide additional stability in the first second of flight.
  4. A winch for loading the rocket onto the trailer.
  5. A ground valve box which allows for remote fueling of the rocket.
  6. 4 jacks which lift the entire trailer to allow for stable operation. Each jack is rated at 4000 pounds to ensure a maximum degree of safety.