Lotus Dev 2


Lotus Dev 2 (LD-2) is the latest engine to the Lotus series. LD-2 is a pressure fed engine with 233s Isp and produces 2,800 lbf at sea-level thrust. The regeneratively cooled chamber chamber allows for long duration burns and easy re-use. A single LD-2 will fly on the Starscraper sub-orbital launch vehicle in an upcoming launch. A minimum thrust of 2,500 lbf is required for a Starscraper suborbital space flight. LD-2 will undergo testing in the second half of 2018 and first half of 2019. 



LD-2 utilizes liquid nitrous oxide and liquid isopropyl alcohol at and O/F ratio of 4/1. The chamber is designed to operate at 500 psi chamber pressure and can be throttled down to 300 psi chamber pressure. 


LD-2 test campaign will include multiple low pressure water flows, cold flows, and hot fires of various duration culminating in 30s of burn time. Testing will happen on our new Horizontal Test Stand (HTS)


LD-2 features an impinging triplet injector (Fuel-Ox-Fuel) to supply over 12 lbs/s to the engine. The 168 orifices are designed to operate at an average stiffness of 20% through engine transient to steady main stage operation. Smaller orifices along the radial edge of the injector face film cool the head end of the chamber.

Technical Overview

Fuel: Liquid Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H8O)
Oxidizer: Liquid Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
Isp Sea-Level: 233 s
Thrust Sea-Level: 2,800 lbf
Throttle Type: Blowdown
Burn Time: >60 s
Thrust Vector Control: Gimbal
Total Hot Fires: 2
Total Run Time: 4 s