Beginner Rocketry Resources

Many think that rocketry is complicated (it is rocket science, after all), but in fact rocketry is quite easy to understand when broken down to its core principles; it's breaking it down that can prove daunting. One of our rocketry friends across the river at MIT, Zachary Bierstedt, recently published a great article covering some key rocketry concepts. It is a very good primer, covering everything from the physics at play through to the major components of a rocket and their function. 

For those of you curious what's going on when us rocket nerds get down to business, please check out the article linked below.

Introduction to Rocketry


Also, for some robotics resources, see the link below. Robotics is another interest of many of our members, and has a lot of overlap principles; especially where electronics are concerned: 

Robotics Education Resources