Kronos Lite is a stripped down version of Kronos, modified to fit into ASTRO, a solid state rocket that is much smaller than Starscraper.  Kronos Lite is equipped with the same inertial measurement unit and flash memory as Kronos, and is equipped to handle 4 servos that will actuate control surfaces on external fins rather than liquid injection thrust vectoring control. These fins are required for the active stabilization of ASTRO. Kronos Lite serves the crucial purpose of the verification of the RTOS integration with our flight algorithms, so we can iron out any kinks that arise on a small scale test before our large scale integration occurs.

Kronos Lite was recently revised so that information on the servos' current positions could be observed and processed. The inertial measurement unit, or IMU, was also upgraded to a more precise version. The board has been remade to accommodate such changes, and to be more compact.